Find talented hotel housekeepers on demand.

Find local housekeepers with talent and experience. With Hsekeeper, you have the freedom and support to focus on delighting your guests.

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Talented hotel Hsekeepers, on demand

Find and match experienced housekeepers to your hotel tasks, on demand. Experience the freedom of unlimited local talent at your fingertips.

Executive housekeepers and supervisors are relieved of the stress of constantly covering schedules and no-shows.

Controllers and GMs save the costs of paying housekeeping teams overtime.

Hotels find experienced Hsekeepers available for part-time work on

They find younger Hsekeepers who enter the industry because they love the gig-self-service schedules, gain work-life balance, work for themselves and get paid good rates within days of doing the work!

All this means more Hsekeepers for hotels.

On demand

Easily find cleaners in your area, and schedule your rooms to be cleaned, on demand.


Filter cleaners based on your budget and their experience and ratings.

Grow your business

Spend less time looking for employees, and more time on delighting your guests.

What is Hsekeeper?

Hsekeeper connects hotels in need of housekeeping help with trusted local talent who can lend a hand with housekeeping. As a Hotel partner, you can get access to top housekeeping people, when and where you want — all while saving the day for guests in your city.

Steps to become a Hotel stakeholder on the platform

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If you want to work in a city or resort that is currently covered by Hsekeeper, you will be asked to complete the application form,

  • If you do not work in a covered city or resort, we do not ask for an application but rather ask you to join a waitlist for your chosen city.

We review your application, if you pass the security checks and other due diligence, you will be receive confirmation. If your application is not successful, you will receive an email to let you know.

You receive an email from us advising your login details.

Frequently asked questions

We have lots of cleaners and more are joining all the time! We are the “Uber” for hotel room cleaning!

It is an 8 hour shift of work on a specific day.

You tell us. You can set this for a set period before each room-day or adjust the deadline differently for each room post.

The Hsekeeper you assign marks it clean using the normal way you do this at your hotel.

At this point the room is only marked clean, you and your managers need to verify it is clean before you are charged and the Cleaner Partner is paid. You have 3 hours to spot check the room and mark it “verified clean” or “not clean”. If you do not mark the room either way, after 3 hours the room will default to ‘verified clean’ and the Cleaner Partner will be paid.

Yes. Ratings /5 stars. Hotels rate Hsekeepers for quality of work, attitude & more. Hsekeepers rate hotel partners /5 stars for their quality of work environment culture and more. This can be done anonymously. Ratings can be challenged but there is a small fee to do this beyond your “challenge allowance”. (1 challenge a month)

[COMING SOON]. For each posting you can set a flat rate or set an auction with a maximum rate. As your set scheduling deadline approaches our software escalates the rate you offer up to your maximum. Because our cleaner partners have alerts for the top rates, your rooms automatically get priority. This can be set for specific dates or room types or kick off automatically at a preset time before your schedule deadline.
Your property’s Cleaner Partner rating also helps your visibility.

Please provide industry standard equipment supplies and a room attendant cart. If you require a uniform to be worn or any other extras, please provide those at the beginning of each shift. If changing into a uniform is required please provide industry standard changing facilities and a locker for each cleaner partner for each shift-engagement.

Being our Property Partner is free, as long as you post the minimum number of room shifts for cleaning per month.

Contracted cleaning rates between you and your scheduled Hsekeeper start at $26 per hour. The platform fee is charged on top of that.

Follow the Property Partner signup link and complete the process there.

There are 4 levels of Hsekeeper:
1. <Hotel> Certified Hsekeeper: this level is awarded by our hotel partners. There are two ways to achieve this level. i. You must have at least 3 months verified experience in housekeeping at the certifying hotel within the past 5 years, with a good reference. ii. You must have attended and passed specific training for that hotel, arranged by Hsekeeper. This training is available only to Hsekeepers at the “Approved Hsekeeper” level.
<Hotel> Certified Hsekeepers are offered and may accept all Approved and <Hotel> Certified Hsekeeper work in their chosen areas. [Hotel Certified Hsekeepers are the only level offered on during our startup phase]

2. Approved Hsekeeper: [COMING SOON – NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW] this level is for any Hsekeeper that has passed the Hsekeeper in-person basic training course.
Approved Hsekeepers are offered and may accept all Approved Hsekeeper work in their chosen areas.

3. Trainee Hsekeeper: [COMING SOON – NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW] Trainees are not offered paid work on the platform. If you are at Trainee Hsekeeper level we offer you a free 3 day in-person basic training course. If you pass the course you attain the Approved Housekeeper level and may start accepting work. You have 40 days from successful application to take the training. If you don’t have time to take the training just signup again when your schedule permits!

4. Applicant Hsekeeper: [COMING SOON – NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW] you are at this level if you have filled out your application and the platform is verifying who you are, doing criminal record and other checks, and validating your experience.